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Cypress Log Homes
PO Box 128
Edwardsville AL 36261

We are a manufacturer of custom logs and log home building materials with a strong emphasis on all things cypress. We offer cypress log siding, cypress t&g, cypress paneling and cypress lumber. We also offer pine, cedar, and douglas fir logs for those who desire them, though we don't recommend anything but cypress.

We have built new storage, drying and manufacturing facilities at 9000 Highway 78 Heflin AL, close to the small community of Edwardsville AL. We are about 65 miles from Atlanta GA and about 75 miles from Birmingham AL not far from Interstate 20, but safe, at least for now, from the raging hordes. We sell log home building materials along with advice on construction, mortgage, and plans. We offer free, 2 day on-site assistance with every log wall package that we sell within 200 miles (has been known to be more for those clients who are very politically incorrect) of our plant and have more complete assistance available at an extra cost. We offer a reasonable amount of phone help after that. We have shipped materials to the Northeast and West of the Mississippi. To the people far away to whom we are unable to offer on-site or extended phone help, we offer air stacked cypress logs and log wall systems that are unavailable almost anywhere else. We will ship anywhere in the Continental US by truck and would be willing to ship overseas via container.

We offer quality tidewater-red cypress for its more dense, higher concentrations of cypressine, extended life and superior looks. We also offer custom log patterns, that is we can make the shape and size that you desire even if it is different from anything else that we now offer. Please check out our other additional cypress products for your log home.

For those of you who want high quality, dry, cypress logs, we urge you to come visit us and see if we are the company for which you are looking. We are what we desire to be, a small, family owned and operated company, not striving to be the biggest but to offer the highest quality materials and personal service to those people who come to us. If you like dealing with the owner, then give us a call. We DO NOT have a large staff of trained sales people waiting for your call, but we will get back to you in a knowledgeable, honest way. All the Indians on this reservation work and therefore work, so if you call and get a message, please leave one and we will get back with you, usually in the evenings. Oh, and by the way, any salesman who mentions a commission is either terminated immediately or goes before a firing squad before the next sunrise.

Log homes are a little more expensive than stick built, but if one is in your dreams, then give us a call. We do offer pine logs at lower prices, and cedar currently at higher ones, but only recommend cypress for its beauty and durability. It just outperforms nearly every other wood species especially at lower maintenance levels. Just one slip-up as far as maintenance with pine and you could be in for monstrous repair bills, while cypress will enable you to nap at least some at the wheel of maintenance. Speaking of naps, nobody sits on the front porch or takes naps anymore. No wonder we’re all so ill. (See section on durability)

Call Us at (256) 463-5576

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