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If you are interested in a log home, we need to talk. In about a 2 year period a while back we sent out several THOUSAND brochures. Almost invariably people learned about our product either from a referral or by talking to us enough to trust us and our product. Since a nice brochure costs us about $5 printed, addressed and mailed, we began to question spending thousands on brochures that have to be paid for by the people who BUY a package from us. That means that all you really dedicated loggies have to subsidize TIRE KICKING by a ton of people who whimsically, or half-heartedly set out to study log homes, and we feel like you pay the government way too much to subsidize others already,  so we have opted to use this web page as our brochure. Obviously, this web page is NOT professionally done, but done by usn's who own this joint. Over time it will become more and more complete and I believe, will cheaply answer most of your questions. BUT until then, we ask you to PLEASE CALL US, leave a message and we will call you back in the evenings because we can answer more questions in 30 minutes, in person, on the phone, than a brochure will answer all day. If you ask for a mailed brochure and do not leave your phone number, we will not contact you. We understand that some people may not be comfortable with this concept but we want to be able to give you the BEST VALUE in the log home business. We sincerely believe we are a terrific value and in the quest for efficiency, we have implemented the following.

1.    Moved to the one of the lowest taxed counties in Alabama.

2.    Got rid of all commission paid salesmen. When you talk to us, you talk to an owner or a partner or a non-commissioned helper. We feel commissioned salesmen tend to turn up the heat on the conversation when their money gets tight and people get told things that would stretch the truth to political, if not presidential limits. We have more than enough of that in Washington these days.

3.    We dry and manufacture our own logs, of course, and do so mostly in quantities of 10-15 houses at a time. (See section on drying cypress) We have spent our money on large storage facilities so that this makes sense. We now have 25,000 square feet of dry storage. We also buy in LARGE quantities and have hundreds of thousands of board feet of cypress logs and lumber drying here at any given time.

4.    At Cypress Log Homes, all the chiefs are braves, i.e. all owners, partners, and family members WORK. We stack logs, run forklifts, drive trucks and sell. What a novel concept!  I would almost call it American, but maybe that might not be generally true any more. We sweat and you save and we still do well.

5.    Tooling and knives are made and maintained right here by us.

6.    We stopped sending out thousands of free brochures and have opted to distribute information over the net and the other high-tech avenue, the telephone to people who are truly interested. We had to take the email link off this page because I couldn't answer 30 a day.

7.    We take advantage of discounted ads in publications that the publisher needs to fill rather than pay full price. Of course this means that we do not always have an ad in every publication. (But shucks, you already know about us, and besides, most advertising is just company propaganda!)

8.    We take advantage of honest talk and straight dealings which generates us a PILE of referred business which enables us to do the above and still do a mountain of business. This took time and was very difficult from the beginning, but has paid off big! Happy customers are the number one goal. We have refused to do business with people who appear to be too hard to deal with. We prefer to save our energy for the straight-forward down-home type folks like you. Believe me, this saves much time, energy, worry, and money in the long run.

9.    We notice that other companies have piles of ads of dealers, meaning they make everyone they sell a dealer. Translated, that says they get paid when you buy a house and do nothing but talk you into it. They have everything to gain and NOTHING to lose in telling you anything and everything. Why would they tell you the downside about the company that is paying them a finders fee to send you to them? We only take dealers who build houses and do a good job of it. We will outright sell bigger builders and stay in the background, but prefer the "builds one house at a time, works with his crew, pays his bills faithfully, makes folks happy" builder-dealer. So here there is no string of people getting a slice of log home package pie.

10.    Although we have interstate property on which to build a model home, we have opted to hold that off and spend expansion money on inventory, tools, buildings, and equipment to go for quality of product first. I won't say if and when we will do the model on the interstate, but it will probably happen if and when my daughter decides to get involved in the business and run it. That will keep the cost of operation down and guarantee quality of service and truthfulness. For now, we have 3 nice models (although one of them looks like it is under attack by aliens on the front page "don't click here")  on the same piece of property as the plant. These are shown by appointment only. Of course, we have hundreds of houses around that can be looked at and at this time have several more under construction over the Southeast. We also are working to get hundreds more pictures on this page, but I can't stay up all night any more now that I've turned 50.

11.    I guess lastly, if the above doesn't make sense to you, then don't call. But if it does, then give us a shout and we will get back atcha.

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