You already know the following:

You cannot trust the President to tell the truth

You cannot trust the Congress to do what they say or tell the truth

You cannot trust any Government official to know how to run a business

You cannot trust a preacher to know what he is talking about
(or to mind his manners when alone with a person of the female persuasion)

You cannot trust the IRS to know how to figure anybody’s taxes

You cannot trust used car salesmen, bankers, or car mechanics

You cannot trust your dog not to eat the cat food when you go inside

It naturally follows then that........

You can trust log home salesmen!!!!!!!!!!



Be careful. Much better safe than sorry. Sales propaganda can and should be checked out. That includes this page. Refuse to be a victim. Go see, go check, make calls to references, and be sure that what is said MAKES SENSE TO YOU AND AGREES WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUE.  Then tentatively accept it as the truth.

When comparing pricing ALWAYS compare apples to apples. A ridge beam may or may not be equal to a ridge beam. It might be a 2x10 or a 6x12. Tongue and groove may be ¾" thick or 1.5" thick. It might be pine or cypress or a 4x8 sheet of something they put in the bottom of cat boxes. Know what you are getting. Your roof might be figured post and beam or it might be stick built or trusses or there may be no roof figured. Beam species vary, log sizes vary, etc. Thousands of $$$ could depend on the definition of a complex word such as "IS".

Insist on the truth. If I find that a customer has lied to me, I evaporate our business together as fast as spit on a griddle. I would expect YOU to do the same with me or any other log home company or salesman that tries to pull something over on you. When listening to someone talk fast SLOW THEM DOWN AND ASK FOR A MORE COMPLETE EXPLANATION. Do not let them off the hook if the answer doesn’t make sense. Don't you just hate someone who tries to know more than they know or is educated beyond their capacity? These folks say things that sound too good to be true and they usually are.   If, however, you keep after the truth, you will either get it OR be free in your mind to shop somewhere else.

In short:

YOU ARE SPENDING THE MONEY. IT IS YOUR MONEY (that is what portion that the government allows you to keep). GET WHAT YOU WANT AT THE PRICE YOU WANT TO AFFORD AND DEAL WITH SOMEONE WITH WHOM YOU CAN WORK AND WHOSE STORIES CHECK OUT.  OR.......Forget about all this and you will have some really GOOD stories to share with people about purchasing your log home building materials to go with those you already have regarding purchasing a used car or dealing with a government bureaucrat.

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